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About the Canadian Cancer Society

As Canada’s largest national health charity and the leader in the fight against cancer, the Canadian Cancer Society has had more impact in more communities than any other cancer charity:
• We spearhead life-saving research. As the largest charitable funder of cancer research in Canada, the Society has invested more than $1 billion in research. This investment has led to breakthroughs revolutionizing the way cancer is diagnosed, treated and prevented.
• We empower Canadians by providing free information and support services to people facing cancer and their families. Since 1996,our Cancer Information Service has helped more than 1million Canadians with their cancer-related questions.
• We lead change for a healthier Canada. The Canadian Cancer Society has been a forceful and persistent voice on tobacco control. Our efforts have led to laws that prohibit smoking in public spaces and workplaces, ban cigarette displays and vending machines and control contraband.
The Society also mobilizes a community of fighters – 138,000 volunteers in Canada – to help deliver programs, organize fundraising events, push change through government and fuel prevention efforts.

All of this is made possible through our fundraising programs and campaigns – such as Relay For Life and Daffodil Month –and the unwavering support of our corporate partners and donors.

Where do funds raised through Golf Fore the Cure go?

All of the funds raised through Golf Fore the Cure will be designated back to the provinces in which they were raised to help support Canadian Cancer Society-funded breast cancer research and programs and services for women living with breast cancer.

On average, one in nine Canadian women will develop breast cancer during her lifetime and one in 27 will die from the disease. As we face this harsh reality there is hope. Breast cancer death rates have declined steadily since 1986 due to improved screening programs and treatments. These advances have been made possible, in part, through Canadian Cancer Society-funded research.

The Canadian Cancer Society funds only the best cancer research in Canada. Our researchers are working hard to learn more about what causes breast cancer so that one day it might be preventable, while others are finding new and better ways to detect, diagnose and treat the disease. The Canadian Cancer Society supports the broadest range of research projects directly and indirectly related to breast cancer in Canada. The work of Society-funded researchers is making a difference and saving lives.

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